Myron Goldfinger

Myron Goldfinger is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and a recipient of a Ford Foundation Grant and the Brummer Award from the Architectural League of New York. He has received numerous awards for architectural design excellence, as well as a coveted national Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects. His work has been widely published both in the United States and internationally, and he has been in private practice for thirty years. His book, "Villages In The Sun," is considered the definitive study of Mediterranean community architecture and his research in the Mediterranean basin was highly influential in the development of his own architectual style.

Inspired by his investigations into Mediterranean vernacular architecture, Myron Goldfinger has produced a significant body of work in the last twenty-five years which reflects his deep appreciation of the past - not in the sense of borrowing - but of reinterpreting those elements into a most sophisticated use of strong geometric form in building. This work represents architecture as sculpture in space, and these buildings have been situated on some of the most inspirational sites.

Many of the residences were originally presented in Architectural Digest, House and Garden and House Beautiful, and have been critically acclaimed in architectural journals and received awards for design excellence.

The architecture ranges in scope from small dwellings to grand residences, from his early works to the present, including many recently completed projects. His architecture is not for the meek. The designs are based on very sound function and present creative ideas and inventive use of architectural space within the bold exterior forms. His work is among the very finest of modern residential architecture.